- a strange power in the smile -
by George Starkey

An invisible grammar is hidden in a smile. Since long time a go, a smile has always driven our curiosity like “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. Itfs also concievable that Hello Kitty uses the sfumato by eliminating the mouth. Speaking of an invisible grammar, for instance, Keikaku Ito wrote a grammar of genocide by the main character John Paul in a book “Genocidal Organ”. The grammer looks like negative but John Paul tried to express love in his own way. In response, George Starkey tries to make a grammar of smile of somewhere in nowhere by this “SMILE PROJECT”. Although it looks like just positive, you will notice that itfs a little bit strange. Because there are no eyes. How does the smile look? Maybe it depends on your situation.

A smile theory by George Starkey


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