rest and unrest

slide projector, 35mm slide film, installation view, 2018
courtesy of the artist and YAP






There is almost always a postcard at a tuorist spot ( the oldest postcard is regarded as a joke by Theodore Hook in 1840). The famous place is printed on it and the postcard is used as a souvenir and when you tell your visiting there to your family and friends. FDND’s postcard, however, can’t be excused with a joke and a souvenir. because the photographed image on it is TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster that occured in Japan in 2011. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and skyscrapers. And the power plant that is exploding with huge smoke, and is gettig in with these scenes. Something makes you feel uneasy is contained in the situation that “Fukushima” is slided into the place of New York.

FDNF is an anonymous art group. As you can see from their website www.fukushimadaiichinucleardisaster.com, FDNF stands for the previously mentioned historical disaster. Paul Virilio said, “the invention of ship was also the invention of shipwreck”. The structure, that goes without saying, also corresponds to the fact that “the invention of nuclear power plant was also the invention of nuclear power plant disaster”. As everybody knows, a thought of the progressivism that “tomorrow will be better than today”, as a result (planetary boundaries doesn’t need to point it out), is bringing huge damage to the earth. Virilio calles it “philofolie” and also says “the world is heading for suicide”. this philofolie is probably so irradicable. The wolrd that we had known a concept of simplicity might really comitt suicide simply. or already.

In the world such like that, the artwork by FDND evokes singuler reality that was tore into serenity of tourist spot and unrest of philofolie. Of course, a postcard looks oldfashion in contemporary society that has the internet. But still, there are not a few tourists who take it. Oxymoron that is the postcard of rest and unrest. Next person who will encounter it might be you.