Wlfrid Dee

slide projector, 35mm slide film, installation view, 2018
courtesy of the artist and YAP






Banner is a political action. It is used in government, corporation, sports, demonstration and so on, and in many cases, the beneficial messages for the community are written on it. However, nobody can’t read Dee’s banner in the first place. What does the uncanny banner mean?

For instance, in a nation that nationalism is conspicuous, a message that admires own country and encourages the people is held up, and in an anti-establishment movement, it’s a message that protests the current system. By the solidarity based on the banner, the community makes inside and outside. The insiders support the contents and the outsiders have new understanding and recognition or antipathy and apathy. The two world that was divided by the banner connect by the amity, are torn by the antagonism and doesn’t have any relationship. In any case, the banners emerge in this world as a political split between the two world: the inside that says the message and the outside that is said the message.

In the image that Dee chose for this S−L−I−D−E−S−H−O−W, that view is projected as well. Although the appearance of the white text on the black banner seems like IS, it is hard to understand what language Dee’s banner on the bridge is written. Or the unknown text might remind you The Voinich Manuscript. According to MailOnline on January 26, 2018, it is supposed by the research of a professor Greg Kondrak that the unreadable text had been written in Hebrew by using AI. Will it possible to read the message of Dee’s banner by AI? Or this banner might represent in the world as a political split between the readable world and the unreadable world. Our silence in front of the uncanny banner will connect to the different world.