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Yonder Arts Party @ Ginza Gallery

May 24 - Jun 20, 2012 5:00-24:00

Ginza Gallery

Joan Anderson / Dinora Bianch / Levon Dukakis / Adam Dunst
Jian Jin / Eddy Kleberg / Taro Kondo / Alonzo De Luca
Gaspar Moffatt / Hanna Schultz / Uuka Tillim / Brent Vermeiren

directed by
Yutaro Midorikawa

supported by


Reality in this world is unreality in the world beyond.
Unreality in this world is reality in the world beyond.
When reality and unreality meet, somewhere in nowhere emerges.
At that moment, it transforms into an eternity.

It was around 2005 or so that I got intrigued by unknowns this reality-unreality presented.
Ever since that time Ifve got into many gpartiesh where two of the worlds get across to each other.
Seven years have passed and in this 2012, Ifd like to invite you all to Yonder Arts Party.
I am your vehicle to take you from this world to the one over yonder.

Meet twelve Yonder Artists.
They are about to open the door to somewhere yonder, or the instant eternity.

Enjoy and come back again. Youfll be seeing us a lot.

May, 2012
Midorikawa Yutaro

©Yonder Arts Party 2012