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installation, 2021

Looking around this space, you might feel that there are things without any connection. But each objects in this three-dimensional space and a keyword not in this three-dimensional space have relevancy. Like the titled shows, a key is presented to a person who could get a keyword. Itfs possible to think that this artwork is a kind of solving the riddle. A sense that is different from a general sense will be required until you get the key. If you could get the key, you can add the key to your key holder. Then you might think that gwhere is the door of the key g and gwhat's behind that door?h

A key is used when you open or close a locked door. There is something to be protected behind the door. It is said that the eldest key was made of wood and was used about 5000 years ago. Today a digitalized smart key and a keyless key are widely used.

A door is used to separate space and space, at the same time, is for connecting the separated two places. A door depicted in ancient Egypt is regarded as a suggestion of the world afterlife. After the internet, you can think the device itself is a door because you can access tons of data in the world by using a digital device.

A door and key are deeply connected. Human has been fiding out many meanings in the relationship. Like, a door and a key in your house, and the implicative Key Makerfs lines in MATRIX. There are many examples. Considering the relationship between a door and a key is one of the most important things today in the age of change.

You will use a sense that you donft use in daily life. Maybe itfs hard to get the key even if you like escape games or solving the riddle. But something inside of you is going to be updated on the complicated process. You find a keyword and get a key. Where is the door of the key? What kind of world is waiting for you behind the door?

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